Cannabis packaging dilemma?!?! When is it time to take the next move?

We’ve seen it all, the tight packed room full of employees (I’ve seen 30 people!) labeling packages by hand, one by one, by one… You get it, it’s a tedious but necessary process.

Cannabis packaging dilemma?!?! When is it time to take the next move?


As demand increases for your product, the ability to speed up the packaging/labeling process requires much more than manual labor, a desktop label applicator is a necessity. Now, instead of seeing a room full of employees labeling by hand, it’s 10 employees operating 10 desktop label applicator machines. Now you’re able to process what use to take one-week of 15+ employees down to one-week with 5 employees. With this in place you’re able to keep up with the current demand.


The next scenario involves getting orders of 30,000+ units every other day. Now how do you keep up with this? Keep in mind, you’re paying 10 employees a total of $300,000+ a year and this does not include other expenses etc. This is where you need to make the next move, this involves an investment into an automatic label applicating systems. In our experience in the cannabis industry as well as others, we have grown with our customer base and with this growth came the need for industrial technology. With the need of labeling 30,000+ products a day, you can’t wait more than a week or even a longer lead time, you need products labeled now. The need for a custom automatic labeling system is the best solution going forward. Now you have two employees operating a machine that pays for itself in less than a year, usually within 6 months. What use to take a week, now happens within a day. Imagine this, this is the sign of growth and with growth comes the need to react quickly with demand and to be efficient in productivity and costs.


Label Applicators



Some benefits of desktop label applicators:

  • The average employee can hand apply at a rate of 10-15 seconds and more than likely will be off centered, with a desktop label applicator, one employee can accurately apply a label in less than 2-5 seconds. That’s a significant difference when high volume product needs to move.


Benefits of custom industrial label applicator systems:

  • We mentioned before of 2-3 seconds, but imagine the time in between (can be 2-8 seconds), now with a custom industrial label applicator your product will now be labeled in seconds, basically as fast as you can load the conveyor system is as fast as the product will be labeled.


We carry both desktop label applicators and custom industrial label applicator systems for round containers, bags, and more. Contact us today for more information in speeding up your process. We make sure you keep up with demand.


Sometimes you don’t want to label your packaging and we understand, we will do it for you. Contact us today for a quote. Unfortunately all packaging must be empty of any flower.


To see all our Label Applicators, click here.



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