Compact THC Printer - Medical Cannabis Label Printer

Compact THC Printer

Do you ever get sick of handwriting the information on the Medical Cannabis label and half the time you can't even tell what it says?

The Compact THC Printer is the ideal solution for replacing the old way of handwriting with a more professional look and enhanced quality. Simply enter the Medical Cannabis information from the included keyboard, enter the quantity to print, and printed labels in seconds!


All state specific Medical Cannabis label formats are available for the Compact THC Printer. The Compact THC Printer can print on the industry standard size label for Medical Cannabis containers and circle labels for Medical Cannabis hash/wax containers. Custom programming available for custom label solutions. Example, adding THC % and Genetic % to the label format for added appeal to the end customer. For more information please contact your THC Label Solutions Expert.


CLICK HERE to order the Compact THC Printer.


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