Thermal Pot Tag 1" x 4.5" (1,000 tags)

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Thermal Pot Tag 1" x 4.5" (1,000 tags)
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- Dimensions (H x W): 1in x 4.5in
- 13 mil Printable Thermal Pot Tag
- Color: White
- Quantity: 1000 Tags per roll
- Material: Thickness / Material Type: 13mil / Styrene (ZX)



This 1" x 4.5" Thermal Pot Tag is suited very well for growers of small to medium-sized plants. Made with a 13mil-thick Styrene plastic, this tag is guaranteed to last and keep their print for at least one season!

These versatile tags are popular for being compatible with a wider array of printers compared to the thicker Styrene or Polyethylene tags.

In addition, since less material is used in the production of this tag, it is a less expensive option. This particular item comes 1,000 tags to a roll and is designed to be printed on using the thermal transfer method or hand written using a special thermal material pen.